12/11/2020 | Press releases

Egypt is one of the biggest egg markets in the Middle East with a layer population estimated at 50 million birds, shared between brown and white egg production. With a low egg consumption per capita and a fast-growing population, the egg market is expected to meet strong growth in the future.

NOVOGEN is pleased to announce its latest collaboration in Egypt with Wadi Dara. The company is exclusively distributing NOVOgen Brown Light and NOVOgen White Light breeds throughout the entire country.

The first layer breeder flocks were placed in May this year. Commercial layer placements is starting in November. At term, Wadi Dara is planning to produce 10M layers DOC/year. The market has shown a keen interest in this new project, and supply contracts with major egg producers have already been signed. Therefore, the first months of production are already becoming fully booked!

Guénaël Guillaume, NOVOGEN area sales manager, Middle East: “We are very pleased to collaborate with Wadi Dara, together we can develop NOVOGEN’s presence in Egypt. The Wadi Dara team has a great deal of experience in the poultry industry and has been demonstrating its high motivation and professionalism in this new project. By adding the outstanding performances of NOVOGEN breeds plus the support from our experts team, we have all the ingredients for a huge success.”

Dr Alaa-Aldin Mostafa , General Manager of Wadi Dara: “The NOVOgen Brown Light and NOVOgen White Light have already proven their capacity to adapt to Egypt’s challenging conditions and meet egg producers’ expectations. With the strong collaboration between both the Wadi Dara and NOVOGEN teams, we are fully confident in the success of the project”.

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