12/11/2020 | Press releases

“Erkom Ltd” was founded 20 years ago by Andrija Nedeljkovic and his family.Now, he and his three daughters (Milica, Jovana and Marija) are running a business together with more than 70 employees. Erkom’s facilities are located in the central part of Serbia, on the slopes of Rudnik Mountain.

The company’s development has been constant over the previous decade. Brand new farms have been built, all fully equipped with modern automated systems for feeding, watering and climate control. Hatcheries have also been improved and modern vehicles for day-old-chicks have been acquired.

Plans for the future involve constant growth and development in the production of high-quality hatching eggs and day old chicks. Ensuring satisfied customers throughout the West Balkans is the main focus for Erkom’s management and technical team.

For this reason, Erkom chose to become a partner with NOVOGEN, and recently introduced the layer chicks NOVOgen Brown. This new collaboration allows NOVOGEN to continue its development in Central Europe.

As Hans van Leeuwen, Area sales manager – CIS countries and North & Central Europe – explains: “NOVOGEN is very happy with its cooperation with Erkom Ltd. We expect strong growth in this region, especially with a partner like Erkom Ltd. We wish Erkom Ltd and the whole team good luck with its sales and its technical support for the customers. NOVOGEN’s entire technical and commercial team remains available to provide you with all the support you need.”

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