NOVOGEN makes every effort to consistently deliver animals of irreproachable sanitary and genetic quality to its partners all over the world.


Our entire production process chain is subject to stringent protection against vehicles of contamination. This protection meets or exceeds regulatory requirements associated with the production of layers genetics, in order to minimise any impact on supplies for our clients.

As well as using safe, thermally-processed feed, NOVOGEN adheres to very rigorous biosecurity protocols at each stage of the production process, from its buildings, to its staff movements, its animals and its equipment.

Novogen breeding hen


Aside from the legal implications, it is essential to our clients engaged in breeding that the birds we supply are traceable and are in impeccable health, not just for regulatory reasons. From its inception, NOVOGEN has set itself ambitious standards of quality when it comes to health and biosecurity.

All of our operations are inspected by veterinarians and subject to stringent health monitoring programmes that go beyond the requirements of local health regulations, regardless of geographical location. Our operations are managed globally by Novogen’s Quality and Veterinary Department, thus guaranteeing that the health standards of our products are consistent, regardless of the production site.

NOVOGEN collaborates with world-renowned research and diagnosis laboratories and veterinary service providers on a daily basis. NOVOGEN also actively contributes to the development of health regulation concerning poultry and official health programmes, through partnerships with the veterinarian authorities in the countries where NOVOGEN is established.

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The quality of Novogen breeding hens
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The Quality

Our global quality assurance strategy is based on for major axes we have defined over the years :

  • To guarantee and improve the genetic potential of the birds distributed.
  • To supply eggs and chicks of the highest quality, free of any risk to health.
  • To provide consistent quality, regardless of the production site.
  • To guarantee a secure supply for clients.

The Quality Department is responsible for implementing and monitoring the biosecurity programmes and action plans for continuous improvement put in place by each department around the world.

Quality breeding hen


Because the transportation of chicks by air is a very delicate operation, special packaging patented by NOVOGEN is used. The crates used have a central vent and are regularly ventilated.

In addition improved palletisation at airports and the introduction of a specific standard adapted to aeroplanes have resulted in optimised ventilation throughout transportation. This system is rolled out across all airlines and at all airports.

Actions and measures put in place to ensure complete control over the air transportation logistics chain:

  • The use of forwarding agents specializing in living animals only (physical representation at the airport);
  • Privileged partnerships with major airlines;
  • Training for handling agents at destination and transit airports;
  • Support for recipients regarding importation or customs procedures;
  • Known Consignor certification: a European status granted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, serving to secure air freight from source.

The NOVOGEN fleet is equipped with high-performance, fit-for-purpose tools. Temperature, ventilation, humidity and even CO2 controls have become routine operations during transportation, thanks to trained and highly experienced drivers.

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