Arce Avícola, strengthening and diversifying egg production in Panamá

10/11/2020 | Press releases

Arce Avicola, NOVOGEN´s client in Panama, is strengthening its presence in the Panamanian market by introducing new cage-free eggs. Projected to represent 10% of its total egg production, Arce Avicola seeks to expand its name in a market niche for consumers seeking a quality product, with the backing of NOVOGEN. 

It has already been 5 years since NOVOGEN started collaborating with Arce Avicola. During this time NOVOGEN has supplied very competitive genetics that have proved capable of performing at a highest level, despite the harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, an important work synergy between the genetic supplier and Arce´s technical staff has been achieved to the benefit of Panamanian egg consumers.

Tomás Pérez, NOVOGEN´s Technical and Commercial Support Central America: “We are very pleased to work with Arce Avicola, we are very enthusiastic about the determination of this company to diversify its egg production in the country. We would like to thank Arce Avicola for the trust they have placed in our product.”

Dr Rafael Gonzales, Egg Production Manager: “The product supplied by NOVOGEN allows us to work properly despite the harsh environmental conditions in Panama. The egg quality we are currently achieving has made it possible for us to make a significant impact on the market.”

Ing Efrain Rodriguez, Responsible for Nutritional Management at Arce Avicola: “the NOVOgen Brown layer is a very impressive product that has been demonstrated to be economically efficient and capable of performing well under any environmental condition. In addition, their technical service and the synergy we have built together, between them and our technical staff, has allowed us to obtain the maximum potential from our layers.”

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