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Unique and innovative
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Since its creation, NOVOGEN has realised a different vision of the genetic selection of layers, by launching a precursor R&D programme and the development of unique and innovative selection technologies. NOVOGEN has demonstrated its expertise with a selection based on behavioral criteria, alongside traditional production criteria.

NOVOGEN has a balanced and complementary programme, which does not just focus, on genetic potential but also on the bird’s ability to adapt to different farming systems, climates or other difficult environments. This programme makes possible to select animals performing in various production systems and conditions seen around the world.

Novogen poultry selection


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Genetic potential

Genetic potential

A number of criteria are measured across the production cycle of pure line-bred flocks, including number of eggs, egg weight, shell quality and feed efficiency. The R&D team selects the specimens with the best production performance.
Behavior of poultry breeding


The production systems used in the NOVOGEN R&D programme make it possible to study social behaviour as well as hens’ egg-laying in nests. In this way it is possible to identify the chickens with the most suitable behaviour, in order to ensure ease of management for each breeder.

Adaptability and hardiness

Adaptability and hardiness

The adaptive ability of our strains is tested by a variety of production conditions (e.g. feed formula and presentation, temperature and light intensity) and field-based progeny testing. In this way, Novogen’s selection process produces birds that are capable of realising their genetic potential in a variety of environments.


Genomic information provides early and additional information on the choice of future breeders. This technology supplements phenotypic data and also enables us to better understand gene expression in different environments.

RFID provides information on individuals within a group, under conditions closely resembling the field and based on criteria which, until now, had not been selected or were impossible to select. Using the floor system, it is possible to measure criteria such as the time the hen spends in the nest, the lay interval and lay time, or to identify which layers are away from the nest. It is also possible to determine the links between these criteria and egg quality, for example.

Numerous progeny tests are conducted each year by our partner farms. These allow us to measure egg-laying performance under a variety of field conditions.

The quality of eggs produced by Novogen strains are monitored and improved by comprehensive egg analyses (colour, shell quality, dry matter, protein, etc.). These analyses are conducted throughout the entire cycle, in partnership with a specialised laboratory.

All data collected at the various levels of the selection programme are stored and analysed by Novogen geneticists.

This array of information is exploited using different algorithms and used to select the best birds of each generation.


Engineers, technicians and breeders. A multi-disciplinary team, translating theory into practice. A rigorous process that, for more than ten years, has enabled Novogen to offer birds that are consistently adapting to market requirements and the expectations of society.

Novogen R&D expert team

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