Excitement at VIV ASIA 2023

NOVOGEN welcomed many visitors during VIV Asia 2023, held at Impact in Bangkok. After 4 years, this trade show was a great event…


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Our strains stand out due to hens with high production efficiency, while also providing improved working comfort no matter the breeding requirements.

Novogen white

Poultry genetic strain : Novogen White

Novogen brown

Poultry genetic strain : Novogen Brown

Novogen tinted

Poultry genetic strain : Novogen Tinted


Research and development is at the heart of our activity. We invest in scientific innovations and cutting-edge technologies. This principle of selecting the best specimens enables us to offer breeds which are consistently adapting to market requirements and the expectations of society.



Centre of expertise dedicated to client support. Thanks to its network of experts and expertise sharing, Novogen has provided its clients with information to support their day-to-day activities.


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