10/11/2020 | Press releases

The Covid crisis and the related difficulties with travelling have deeply affected our activities and means of communication. In these circumstances, staying connected to the industry and our customers is a priority for our team of experts who are specialized in various areas: farm management, nutrition, hatchery, quality, marketing… As a common rule in any crisis, adaptability and flexibility are the best way to come out of it stronger.


Therefore, we have implemented complementary approaches so we can provide all the necessary support :

  •  Online meetings with different approaches depending on the targeted audience and message:
  1. Novogen technical and sales representative team: webinars are regularly organized in order to share knowledge and market update. Another benefit is that, despite social distancing, everyone is going in the same direction and feels part of one team.
  2. Novogen partners: regular confcalls or webinars allow to keep in close contact. Our priority is to keep providing all the necessary technical and marketing support, especially when field visits are not possible.
  • Field Visits

Thanks to our global network of local experts, customer visits are done whilst fully respecting all health precautions, depending on each country’s situation. When necessary, visits to farms, hatcheries and face to face meetings remain the most efficient way for technical follow up and performance optimization.

Since the Covid crisis, we have been adapting and developing new ways of market approaches. The combination of online and physical meetings has proven its efficiency in terms of time and cost savings but mostly in terms of results.

Be assured that the entire Novogen team is there for you and ready to answer all your queries.

Additional information

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