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11/08/2021 | Press releases, Team

The R&D department, at the heart of NOVOGEN, exists to create and develop high-performance, competitive lines to satisfy all laying hen markets. To achieve that, the department needs to be innovative, knowing how to anticipate trends in the market – particularly when it comes to societal expectations – but also conduct the established breeding program with the utmost rigour.

Since 2008, NOVOGEN has been innovating intensively in R&D with the successive development of new selection systems such as breeding in collective cages followed by breeding on floor. The R&D team has also managed to improve selection processes constantly, and to introduce new technologies such as genomic selection. NOVOGEN has also managed to surround itself with world-renowned scientific partners such as INRAE and SYSAAF. The various research work carried out has helped speed up and consolidate the breeding program.

Looking beyond these innovations and developments, the quality of information collected from farms is decisive in maximising genetic progress. The work of selection is in fact a succession of tasks, each one as important as the last. The qualities of the lines obtained depend on the breeding scheme, but also on the rigour and reliability of the work done throughout the whole process (identification, traceability, monitoring of farms, measurement and gathering of phenotypes, data verification and analysis, selection of the best individuals etc.). This work, carried out in partnership with farmers, allows more accurate genetic assessment of the birds as a result.

The R&D department is first and foremost a team effort, with complementary skills coming together to allow selection of the best possible lines. The team’s enthusiasm and dynamism allow us continually to develop new innovative projects that continue to bring real differentiation between NOVOGEN lines and others in the egg market.



R&D team

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