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12/05/2021 | Press releases, Team

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Justine MEHEUT

Export Sales & Logistic Assistant

What are your main tasks?

My main mission as an Export Assistant is to ensure that international customer orders are fulfilled correctly.
The Export Assistant receives the orders from customers, takes responsibility for organising the dispatch of chicks or eggs, right up to delivery. She also ensures customer follow-up and payment. This means that she organises logistics management and the administration part of the order.
She carries out registrations, follows up on customs documents and provides regulatory forms.This job requires good interpersonal skills, as well as a rigorous attitude.

Which departments/people do you particularly work with in-house? And externally?

We are the middleman between the area sales manager, local NOVOGEN representatives, the customer and the planning department.
Internally, we also work regularly with other departments like the QSE and the Accounts department. Companies outside NOVOGEN, such as transport carriers, freight forwarders and the ICC with whom the export assistant is in regular contact, are needed to fulfil her main task.

What does a typical day look like?

There not really any such thing as a typical day. The days fly by but they are all different. Each order has its own constraints, and sometimes it is difficult to anticipate new requests from our customers or their authorities, especially in the current context with the Covid 19 pandemic and avian flu.


What do you enjoy about your job?

Interaction with each of the company’s departments, whether they are in France or all over the world. That is what makes this job interesting, and I would also say that when you work with live animals, you never get bored wink !

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