9/02/2021 | Press releases

After becoming a global player in layer genetics, NOVOGEN is now demonstrating its drive and growing ambitions with a new production facility.

In addition to investing in innovative R&D tools and approaches, NOVOGEN invested in the acquisition of a new hatchery at Gare d’Uzel (Saint-Hervé in Brittany). The new facility started operating in November 2020.

This investment has been essential to meeting growing demand for NOVOGEN products. This hatchery will house production for both Grand Parent stock, which is distributed worldwide, and Parent stock, which is distributed throughout the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Asia.

This investment represents a major milestone for NOVOGEN’s 2030 strategy. It immediately increases production capacity to nearly 4 million female chicks, with room for more! This is excellent news that allows us to confidently develop our activities,” explains Mickaël Le Helloco, Managing Director of NOVOGEN.

In close proximity to the Plédran headquarters, this hatchery will allow NOVOGEN’s teams to fulfil its excellence strategy that covers the quality of delivered products using state-of-the-art equipment.

A particular emphasis has been placed on facilities and the use of the latest technology in order to allow improved working conditions for NOVOGEN teams, stringent sanitary standards, excellent welfare conditions, and an optimized start for animals allowing improved performances for our customers. NOVOGEN demonstrates its commitment to the industry through its focus on the brand’s 5 founding pillars: caring for Customers & Partners, Teams, Humans, Animals, and the Planet.

This new production facility complements NOVOGEN’s current installations in the US and Brazil, which allow it to cover North and South America for Parent Stock deliveries.

Now distributed in over 50 countries worldwide, NOVOGEN is experiencing greater customer satisfaction: “We recently had to bolster our sales force to better meet growing demands,” adds Mickaël Le Helloco. “New customers hear about our products before even knowing about us, and that’s what makes us most proud!

More than ready to meet future challenges, NOVOGEN now looks to the future of the sector with enthusiasm.

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