9/02/2021 | Press releases

With a population of 12.5 million, bordering Ivory Coast to the east and Senegal to the north, Guinea is rich in mineral resources (bauxite, diamonds, gold, etc.) and… agriculture because of its water resources.

SAVI (the Guinea poultry association) located in Kindia, northeast of the capital Conakry, has chosen the NOVOGEN strain for its breeding stock. This project, which is already operational, aims to meet the country’s need for quality chicks. SAVI Guinea is equipped with a modern hatchery and breeding farm. These means of production, which are rare in the country, provide commercial DOC with quality and sanitary guarantees, thereby securing the growing market for eggs for consumption.  Well-known in African poultry farming, Jean-Michel Kujawa ensures effective operational management by instilling his own tremendous professionalism and enthusiasm into his teams.

There is no doubt that this project with NOVOGEN is aligned with the long term benefits of supplying animal protein in Conakry, Guinea.

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