Fazenda de Toca was founded in 2009, and has become the biggest producer of organic eggs in Latin America and a centre for large-scale organic production. It is currently considered to be a national benchmark for animal welfare, as well as a model of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Organic eggs are the flagship product and are retailed and distributed in many regions of Brazil. Toca also produces its own organic cereals such as corn, soy and wheat, fostering a productive system in harmony with nature. 

NOVOGEN is delighted that NOVOgen Brown genetics have been chosen by Fazenda da Toca to contribute to the development of this sustainable project.


After the first NOVOgen BROWN flocks received in 2020, Rodrigo Cobrelo, the Head of Production, was instantly won over by the breed: “We wanted to test this strain which is very present in Brazil but which remains unknown on our farms. We were pleasantly surprised by how docile it is. This is a crucial characteristic in our alternative systems, because it enables us to improve our technical results: liveability, flock uniformity and an easy of management. This makes the day-to-day work of the staff easier. In production, shell quality is of the utmost importance for us. Using the NOVOgen BROWN strain, we are completely satisfied. The final point to mention is the Novogen Do Brasil team’s technical follow-up and their reliability since the flocks were introduced. We have regular discussions and visits, which enable us to become familiar much more quickly with the genetics”.

The proof of this level of satisfaction is that the introduction of NOVOgen BROWN flocks will be speeded up in 2021.

Alexis Carfantan, Head of Marketing, looks back on this collaboration:  “We are very proud that the entire NOVOGEN DO BRASIL team is working alongside Fazenda da Toca, a company where the production output has increased tenfold since 2017. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire team for all the recognition they have received in recent years. Among others: “Better Company for the World” by Sistema B, “Humanised Company” by Conscious Capitalism, Development of several environmental and social programmes…

The aim of all these initiatives is to promote a harmonious, sustainable environment, with the goal of having a positive impact on the population and the planet.

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