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To share our knowledge and experience with our partners, customers and egg producers, NOVOGEN has developed its own expertise in organising international seminars. As a result of our expertise, we often find ourselves being called upon to take part in seminars outside NOVOGEN, organised by suppliers of additives, vaccines or various other solutions.

Our acknowledged experience and our fruitful collaboration with one such company, Elanco, also saw us taking part in several webinars in late 2021 for Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria on the topics of feed and nutrition.

Our collaboration has continued this year with live in-person seminars in Morocco and Egypt, helping users of Elanco products to improve their birds’ nutrition through the feed they give them.

This collaboration with Elanco has been a huge success, with many people attending the webinars. NOVOGEN’s teams continue to make themselves available to Elanco and other companies to share their experiences.

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