Verbeek expands its activity in Poland


After a successful introduction of NOVOGEN products in the Polish market more than 10 years ago, Verbeek Hatchery has taken a new step in its development in Poland.

In May 2023, Verbeek opened a new hatchery in South-West of Poland (Wroclaw). By producing NOVOGEN day-old chicks in Wroclaw, Verbeek will be closer to its customers in Poland and East Europe.Shorter transport links will help to secure the quality of the deliveries. 

After having sold the first NOVOGEN day-old chicks in Poland in 2011, Verbeek has developed significant market positions. The knowhow of Verbeek teams in their own market and the expertise of the Verbeek team in Poland means that the company has been able to apply its experience and quality to the cage and alternative segments by offering day old chicks and starting pullets. 

Significant volumes have already been hatched locally since May. The objective is to expand the production capacity up to 15-million-day-old chicks per year by the end of the year.The hatchery will be ready to produce and deliver in 2024 full trucks of day-old chicks (150-to-175,000-day-old chicks). 

This additional and significant step is the combination of several factors, the quality of day-old chicks delivered (until now) from Netherlands, the excellent performances of NOVOGEN Products in the country, whatever the market segment, the after-sales service of Verbeek with the local team in Poland. 

The local Verbeek hatchery team and the technical sales team are enthusiastic and ready for this new challenge.

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