NOVOgen White Light, a reference in Europe


In recent years, the egg production market in North-West Europe has been gradually changing from brown to white. To meet this new demand, Verbeek Hatchery Holland, Novogen’s distributor in this area, offers NOVOgen White Light as a perfect product for its customers looking for egg number instead of egg mass.
The Novogen White Light includes all the basic features Novogen genetics is known to offer, such as efficient production, calm behaviour and a good feather covering. Verbeek Hatchery, a leader in the pullet market, aims to achieve at end of rearing an optimal growth and pullet development, together with a good feed intake capacity. In practice, this combination results in the remarkable early egg weight increase of the NOVOgen White Light.

In short, the main market characteristics of the NOVOgen White Light include:

  • High number of first-grade eggs
  • Low feed intake per egg
  • Easy to manage layers
  • Good and high early egg weight > 53 gram
Above potential output is confirmed by many producers.

Poultry farmer Stefan Frenken from Sterksel (south of the Netherlands) has reached his 3rd Novogen White flock of 70.000 hens at his farm. The 4th flock will be placed soon. ‘All flocks are characterized by stabile egg production, with good persistency. In addition, the behaviour in our alternative system is very good. No problems with trooping on floor and system eggs. Overall, it is a very calm hen, with low mortality as a result,’ says Mr Frenken.

Organic producer Lex Verbeek from Steenbergen tells a similar same story. Since 2017, Lex Verbeek is keeping his 3rd organic Novogen White flock of 18.000 hens. The last flock was transferred in May.

‘The previous flock produced well above standard, with only 4,8% mortality at 82 weeks and only 8 eggs below 50 gram,’ says Mr Verbeek. ‘A bonus is the behaviour of this hen. We have still not had any problems with floor or system eggs’.

Poultry farmer Jan van Gestel from Diessen has reached his 3rd Novogen White flock on his farm, consisting of almost 40.000 hens. From the live stream inside the house (, the flock can be monitored day and night. As shown in the image, the current flock of 60 weeks still flaunts a perfect feather covering. Furthermore, the farmer is very happy with the efficient feed intake and high persistency.
The Van Gestel family has a webcam inside the house
to monitor the NOVOgen White hens continuously.
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