NOVOGEN: a new partner in Bangladesh


Eon group is a fast-growing conglomerate in agro-based industry working to provide inputs to farmers (crops & animals) to produce high-yield and high-quality agro products dedicated to consumers. This group is engaged in the manufacture, import and distribution of all types of agricultural inputs, primarily for the national local market and for the global market. EON group acts with the vision to be a contributor to “Food Security and Safety” in Bangladesh.

The business scope of EON is broad, as EON focuses on poultry (broilers & layers) and operates breeding farms to produce DOC quality boilers and layers. In addition, EON showcases consumer products such as “Country Natural”, a popular brand of value added eggs found in supermarkets. To this end, EON have their own commercial layer operation. EON group is committed to supplying quality layer chicks to the farmer.

To achieve those aims, NOVOGEN’s teams are working hard to support the EON team so that EON can enjoy great success in the egg industry.


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