NOVOGEN supports Brazil’s alternative egg production specialist : Ovos Filippsen


The Filippsen poultry farm was founded in the 1970s in Morro Reuter. This family business has become a benchmark for alternative egg production in Brazil, thanks to its desire to protect nature and the well-being of both people and animals. The farm produces six ranges of eggs: omega-3 enriched eggs, organic eggs, free-range eggs, selenium-enriched egg, liquid eggs, and traditional eggs.
Brothers Celso and Raul Filippsen are the second generation to head the company. It is one of the largest alternative farms in the country. By focusing on their teams, training, and technological investments, the company has succeeded in gaining its customers’ trust through quality products. As a result, the company holds “Certified Humane”, “Ecocert”, “Orgânicos Brasil”, “PAS – Alimentos Seguro”, and “Ovos RS” certifications.
Raul Filippsen explains
“In 2015, we began production using our first batch of NOVOGEN hens. We wanted to test them out because of their reputation for a calm temperament. 5 years later, most of our hens are NOVOgen Browns. This breed adapts very well to our indoor barns and free-range production systems, and has allowed us to achieve outstanding performance levels. As well as providing productivity benefits, the quality of the egg is truly exceptional, both internally and externally.”
Celso Filippsen is the co-owner of this innovative company. According to him: “As well as providing us with high-quality chicks, NOVOGEN DO BRASIL also provide routine technical follow-up. The regional representative, Lucas Maldaner, provides us with quality service so we can achieve the best possible technical results in terms of both rearing and production. Also, NOVOGEN’s technical and marketing specialists regularly visit us and always provide new ideas in terms of management, nutrition, or communication, so we can continue to improve the range of products we offer our customers.”

The Filippsen family has now set itself new objectives, as egg consumption in Brazil is constantly increasing. Raul Filippsen says : “A large part of our production system is an alternative system, and we have so much faith in it that we are committed to 100% alternative production by the end of 2028. This is a commitment born out of love and respect for both our hens and for nature.”

NOVOGEN wholly commends Ovos Filippsen’s strategy.

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