Novogen present at the 62nd edition of Festa do Ovo in Bastos


NOVOGEN was delighted to visit its distributor Novogen do Brasil while they participated at the 62nd edition of Festa do Ovo in Bastos, Sao Paulo.

Bastos city, Sao Paulo’s egg capital doubles its population during the Festa do ovo. More than 50,000 people attended the event and contributed to an amazing atmosphere. Novogen do Brasil welcomed many customers from the area and from abroad. It was great to hear from participants about their impressions of our products and their agreement with the quality standards managed by our distributor.

“It is wonderful to see our distributor doing well in a very competitive market. We support Novogen do Brasil’s efforts to provide a high-quality product for their clients. We are sure they are taking the steps in the right direction for achieving a high market share” said Tomás Pérez, Novogen’s Area Manager for Americas. Such efforts will certainly enable our products to express their maximum potential.


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