Novogen provides expertise to its distributor in Guatemala


Last March, NOVOGEN was delighted to have visited our distributor, Dos Osos, in Guatemala to provide technical support for farms and hatcheries.

Andrea Beneventi, Novogen’s Technical Specialist and Tomás Pérez Moya, Novogen’s Area Manager visited Guatemala to support Dos Osos’ efforts to obtain the highest possible performance from our products. The purpose of this technical visit organised by NOVOGEN was to assess the main areas in which our distributor could improve their actual performance.

Andrea Beneventi carried out a thorough assessment of Dos Osos’s hatchery facility and breeder farm and suggested practical and simple actions that will prompt better performance. Areas such as management of the hatching eggs and data gathering will bring up a great deal of performance to our customer.

Dos Osos’s CEO Mr David Esquit: “we thank NOVOGEN for providing their support for our efforts in continuous improvement. We will take actions on all the subjects covered and look forward to having this type of visit in the future so our supplier can see that their suggestions have helped us to achieve the best performance possible.”

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