Field results of the 30 Ustrasice test: NOVOgen BROWN an efficient and well-balanced layer!


The 30th Ustrasice test, finished on September 2022, aims to compare different commercial layer breeds in the same conditions as experienced in the field. The final report has been published and the NOVOgen Brown obtained excellent results: high egg production, lower mortality, and higher feed efficiency.

All the hens were kept in coincident environment conditions. Hens were placed in cage batteries with 6 replications per sample. Several production criteria are measured during this test (laying performances, egg quality, feed consumption, etc.).

Below synthetic comparison used results obtained by NOVOgen Brown breed and 4 other international laying breeds found in the market.

  1. Top level results for the NOVOgen Brown
  • Egg Number and Egg quality

The NOVOgen Brown   achieved 343 eggs at 74 weeks. When we talk about performance, it is not only about the number of eggs but also their quality: the number of 1st grade quality eggs. In this comparison, the NOVOgen brown had the highest 1st grade egg percentage. This excellent performance is allowed by a strong shell quality throughout the entire production cycle!



Moreover, the Novogen breed achieves the highest egg mass at the end of production with 21.7 kg of egg produced at 74 weeks. This egg mass is not only due to a high egg number, but it is also to good cumulative egg weight. At NOVOGEN, we have been working for many years on rapidly increasing the egg weight to reduce the number of small eggs at onset of lay.


  • Liveability

At the end of production (74 weeks), mortality NOVOgen Brown mortality was at 1.11%. It is 4 times less than the average mortality of the 5 breeds studied. It is possible to achieve these good results due to the robustness and calmness of the NOVOgen Brown.

      • Feed efficiency

      Finally, in this period where raw material costs are sky high, feed efficiency is becoming increasingly important. In fact, a few grams less feed can make a huge difference in the final economical results of a layer flock. In this comparison, NOVOgen Brown reached again the best performance with the highest feed efficiency. The breed obtained a feed conversion ratio of 147.8g of feed consumed per egg produced. It is 1.5g of feed less than the average of breeds compared. This is the result of a high egg production combined with a moderate feed intake.


      2. An original and field oriented selection scheme

      For over 10 years now, NOVOGEN has demonstrated its expertise by developing a unique and innovative breeding program. This includes, complementary farming systems, collective cages, and floor systems, among other aspects. It enables the selection of animals in environments resembling the production systems seen around the world. These also allow for selection based on behavioural criteria, alongside traditional production, and egg quality criteria. To discover more about our selection scheme, you can read our article: Novogen, innovative selection for hen behaviour.

      3. In conclusion: NOVOgen Brown a true performer

      These results show that Novogen Brown is a well-balanced layer with top level results in all production criteria measures: number of eggs, egg quality, liveability and feed efficiency. This also demonstrates that our selection scheme for over 10 years at Novogen is showing great results in the field. It allows us to obtain excellent technical performances as well as easy to manage and adaptable birds in all field conditions.

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