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29/10/2021 | Press releases, Team

The department has a twofold objective: develop the presence of the NOVOGEN breeds worldwide through new distributors and/or to support our distributors in their development by mobilising our Technical Resources, R&D, Supply-Chain and Marketing.

To do so, NOVOGEN relies on three pillars: its organisation, shared working practices and a passion for poultry breeding shared with our distributors

Our organisation is structured into 7 trading regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Andean Pact, Southern Cone, Africa-Middle East, and Asia. In each region, in conjunction with the area manager, a country manager can provide a local service with our distributors.

Our joint work with our partners is the implementation of an action plan, which includes technical and marketing follow-up to support a development strategy shared with the distributor.

Finally, we also put all our enthusiasm and our dynamism into continually improving our products and services. This motivating mindset allows us to aim, with all our partners with whom we currently work and will work in the future, at being a recognised actor of the egg sector. This sector is and will be essential for the production of quality proteins for a planet that will have more than 9 billion inhabitants in 2050.



Sales team

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For any information request, please contact us: contact.novogen@novogen-layers.com

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