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At Novogen, our primary concern is the individuals who make up our teams.
Handshake between the Novogen team


Novogen is first and foremost a family; an enthusiastic, dynamic and close-knit team, consisting of experts at the top of their field, who share common values.

Our paradox is that we combine the personal touch of our team with a global organisation and network, enabling us to expand across more than 50 countries worldwide so that we can be near you, wherever you are in the world.

Our teams undergo continuous training in the latest technologies and systems of our field. This ensures that you can take advantage of their expertise and we can offer you solutions suited to your needs. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction every day!

Mickael Le Helloco,
Managing director

Novogen team


What are you doing over the next few years? Novogen most likely have an opportunity that aligns with your aspirations. Let’s get to know each other – join our team!

Novogen team

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