NOVOGEN DO BRASIL and the pandemic


As soon as Covid-19 appeared in Brazil, NOVOGEN DO BRASIL immediately bolstered its already high security measures by supplying masks and making hand sanitiser available to the entire workforce. The crisis has not disrupted the workings of the company’s commercial activities. Land and air links were maintained, although there was a lower availability of flights in some regions. Although all meetings with South American partners have been suspended, the NOVOGEN do Brasil team and agents have stayed in touch with the markets. They set up a remote monitoring system to remain proactive in responding to the different requirements on the ground.
The agro-industry has been powering Brazil’s economy for decades now. The egg laying sector is a perfect example of this. There is no doubt that the Brazilian poultry industry has the means necessary to be able to recover from this crisis. Par exemple, l’heure de ponte moyen au cours du cycle ainsi que la fréquence de séries de ponte impactent les critères de qualité d’œuf telle que la solidité de coquille. La durée de présence au nid peut aussi avoir une relation étroite avec d’autres critères de qualité d’œuf. Ce système de sélection au sol innovant permet d’ouvrir de nouvelles voies d’amélioration génétique avec une connaissance approfondie du comportement de ponte des animaux. Afin de proposer des souches adaptées aux attentes de nos clients, l’innovation est au cœur de la stratégie R&D de NOVOGEN. Les résultats obtenus sur le terrain dans tous types de systèmes de production valident pleinement ces choix stratégiques et font de NOVOGEN une référence en sélection Poule Pondeuse.
Minoru Miyasaka, NOVOGEN do Brasil’s General Manager
“We would like to congratulate the whole egg industry, since they continued to successfully supply the Brazilian population throughout the pandemic. We are confident that we will come out of this difficult period even stronger. Eggs are an affordable, nutritionally rich alternative, and will take on an ever-growing importance in feeding all nations.”
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