NOVOGEN continues developing via webinars


After France was placed under lockdown on 17 March, we have had to be creative to ensure that we could maintain our technical and commercial coordination over our network. As the heads of NOVOGEN areas had suddenly become sedentary, we decided to launch a cycle of webinars.
The first step was to establish the objective, the target audience (such as sales representatives, customers or prospects), messages (such as approaches or markets), the format (such as length or interactivity), the methods and the set-up (such as Visio tool, animator or speaker). First of all, we decided to introduce technical training for our sales representatives and heads of areas which aims to improve their knowledge about laying hens, focusing in particular on livestock farming techniques, nutrition, hatcheries and biosafety. When everyone was under lockdown, we decided to continue this training on a weekly basis, in order to increase this range of expertise that we can use with our customers and therefore support our technical and business cases. This webinar brought together 10 to 15 people per 75-minute session, including a Novofocus presentation as well as a question and answer session. One example of the subjects discussed was: “How to manage the egg weight, reduce heat stress and more…” A big thank you to Antoine Le Calvé (NOVOGEN nutritionist) and Andrea Beneventi (Senior technical specialist), who took part as speakers and experts on the majority of these subjects. These meetings also helped teams to become closer during this incredibly unique period and therefore helped to foster a collective approach by sharing collective knowledge. Other webinar schemes are currently being discussed, such as webinars targeting our distributors and their customers and prescribers in order to promote the benefits of NOVOGEN. So, watch this space !
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