9/02/2021 | Clients, Press releases

NOVOGEN is pleased to announce its new collaboration in Spain with the company Agotzaina S.L. Since January, Agotzaina became NOVOGEN’s Spanish and Portuguese distributor, and will target one of the biggest markets in Europe.

Egg layer markets in Spain and Portugal together represent around 50 million layers. Agotzaina will offer the NOVOgen Brown and the NOVOgen White breeds.

Already well known in the egg industry in Spain through its liquid eggs activity located in Navarra, Agotzaina already placed some NOVOGEN breeders in Cataluña near their hatchery at the end of last year. Alongside this activity, Agotzaina also fully covers broiler activities, including the production of hatching eggs, hatcheries, slaughterhouse, and meat sales.

This market, initially approached by Verbeek (Netherlands), is now covered by Agotzaina who has entered the NOVOGEN European distribution network. Agotzaina and NOVOGEN teams will work closely to allow rapid development of NOVOGEN products in Spain and Portugal and make this new partnership a success.


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