Caring for life

The best performance and ease of management
Mickael Le Helloco, CEO Novogen


We set up Novogen over ten years ago with a clear aim: to provide the best performance and ease of management, whatever your farming system or constraints.

Based on these two fundamental principles, we devised a selection programme for products that are adapted to your markets and set up local partners to boost your success.

This vision is summed up by our slogan “Caring for life”. It encapsulates the conviction that drives our team and centres around five cornerstones that underpin our focus: our Clients and Partners, our Teams, Humankind, Animals and the Planet.

Mickael Le Helloco,
Managing director

Mickael Le Helloco, Novogen CEO, poultry genetics


Our role is to take care of

Caring for our customers and partners

Ease of bird management

An innovative selection of behavioural criteria, guaranteeing sociable, hardy, high-performance birds in all environments.

High-performance strains

Using a comprehensive selection system and cutting-edge selection technologies, we provide productivity, egg quality and feed efficiency that improves from each generation to the next.

Personalised support

Our team of experts offers genuine partnership with personalised services, including support with breeding ( farm management), hatchery, nutrition, food safety (quality) and marketing...

A global network on your doorstep

Our partners are based on every continent and are by your side every day.

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Caring for teams

Continually enhancing our expertise through continuous training

Our teams are continuously trained in the latest technologies and share expertise via our technical platform NovoCenter. We are also committed to offering unrivalled expertise.

Cutting-edge tools and outstanding expertise

From genomics, to RFID and big data, we are constantly investing in cutting-edge technologies and enhancing the creativity of our teams.

We have partnerships with universities and research institutes, and are an active member of Genentech, the multi-space R&D platform of Groupe Grimaud. Find out more : Genetech website.

Recruiting the best and promoting teamwork

The first stage is to recruit the best talent into our teams. Promoting competition through positive management and strong cohesion among teams are essential to our approach.

Novogen initiatives

ZOOM ON : The R&D team

The R&D department, at the heart of NOVOGEN, exists to create and develop high-performance, competitive lines…


Caring for humans

Fulfilling new social responsibilities

Our strains are specially selected to ensure that production is more respectful of the environment, animal welfare and human health. Our technical experts will support you to put in place sustainable solutions.

More ethical, higher-quality food

Food is fundamental to our health. Eight hundred million people are suffering from malnutrition. We are working, on our own modest scale, to provide food that is sustainable, healthy, ethical and accessible to all.

Supporting the development of local production

Our daily commitment to developing regions of the world contributes to the development of local economic activity.

Facilitating access to animal proteins

Eggs are one of the most accessible sources of animal protein, contributing to a healthy, balanced diet. Every day we work to make them more accessible by developing egg subsidiaries across the globe.

Novogen initiatives

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Caring for animals

Recognised calm, sociable behaviour

Our thorough selection system provides us with additional information on the behaviour of the birds in environments closely resembling field conditions, in accordance with your farming system.

High performance

Novogen strains have yielded some of the best results in the world, in terms of number of eggs, egg quality, viability and feed efficiency.

Adaptable to all environments

Feed, climate and farming system are an integral part of our selection process. We alter these factors to ensure that our strains are suited to your conditions and not the other way round.

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Caring for the planet

Positive, innovative agriculture

Our genetic selection and our partnerships promote sustainable farming systems, striking a reasonable balance between the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.

Conserving natural resources

Bird selection also helps to reduce the environmental impact of poultry production, by optimising their feed.

Sustainable breeding

We are an active member of the Natural Concept, and we therefore encourage actors in the field of poultry farming to make progress in the area of sustainable production.

Learn about Natural Concept here.

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NOVOGEN, a subsidiary of the Groupe Grimaud

Novogen is the poultry branch of the Groupe Grimaud, located on 4 continents and present in 37 countries.

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