About us

The entrepreneurial adventure of a passionate team of experts in cutting-edge genetics, driven by an innovative vision of expertise, performance and client comfort.


1997- 2007

Groupe Grimaud acquired its gene pool of layers in 1997 (Rhode Island, Leghorn, Sussex and New Hampshire) and dedicated the start of the 2000s to developing a genetic selection programme.



Mickael Le Helloco (Managing Director) and Thierry Burlot (Director of R&D) came up with an idea and were entrusted with a new entrepreneurial adventure: offering a different kind of selection, one that is suited to all farming systems and to the new responsibilities of egg farmers.

Novogen was born.


2009 - 2014

An avant-garde vision of advances in farming systems and the responsibilities of farmers instilled the idea that a new way of designing selection programmes is necessary.

From genomics, to RFID, floor selection and recruitment of the best experts, Novogen has invested in the breeds performance and ease of farm management.

With breeds matching the expectations, our teams welcomed clients from 2010. Novoponte began distributing products in France the same year.


new chapter

2015 - 2020

In 2015 – Groupe Grimaud bought a stake in Verbeek, which became the partner of choice for distributing Novogen products.

In 2017 – Novogen created two subsidiaries, one in the USA (Novogen NA Inc.) and one in Brasil (Novogen Do Brasil Ltda). The quality of performance of the products enabled Novogen’s distributors to develop market shares for both traditional battery cage markets and alternative systems. Novogen’s renown extends beyond the borders of Europe. Novogen products are now distributed in more than 60 countries.

In 2019 – A new hatchery was acquired in France, enabling the Novogen team to meet the growing demand from its clients.


Novogen is part of EW Group, a world leader in poultry breeding. This new step of NOVOGEN story offers new perspectives and opportunities to accelerate its development. The company retains all its DNA and know-how to serve the egg market with a strategy combining breeds performances, service innovation and customer proximity.

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